5 Exciting Upcoming Apple Music Features in 2023

Introduction:5 Exciting Upcoming Apple Music Features

Apple Music is set to receive a range of exciting new features with the upcoming release of iOS 17. These additions will enhance the overall user experience of the Music app and the Apple Music streaming service. In this article, we will explore each of these new features in detail and discuss how they will make listening to music even more immersive and enjoyable.

1. Collaborative Playlists: Enhance Your Music Sharing Experience

One highly requested feature coming to Apple Music this year is Collaborative Playlists. Subscribers will now have the ability to invite friends and collaboratively add and edit songs in a shared playlist. Similar to rival streaming services like Spotify, this feature allows for a more interactive and social music experience. When a song is added to a Collaborative Playlist, the person’s profile picture will appear next to the track, and invited individuals can react to their favorite songs using emojis. Apple plans to release Collaborative Playlists in a later update, so it may not be available immediately with the launch of iOS 17.

2. Crossfade: Seamless Transitions Between Songs

Crossfade, a feature already present in rival music streaming services, will now be available on Apple Music. With Crossfade, users can smoothly transition between songs, ensuring uninterrupted music playback. Although users of the first iOS 17 developer beta might encounter some issues while enabling Crossfade in Settings -> Music, Apple is working to resolve these glitches and provide a seamless experience for its users.

3. SharePlay for CarPlay: Enjoy Music Together on the Road

iOS 17 introduces SharePlay for CarPlay, allowing users to play music from an iPhone other than the one connected to the car. Passengers can participate by accepting a notification or scanning a QR code, enabling them to play their favorite music and contribute to the current playlist. This feature promotes a shared music experience and enhances the enjoyment of long drives with friends or family.

4. Camera Support for Karaoke: Record Your Own Performances

Apple Music Sing users will now have the option to watch themselves perform their favorite hits during karaoke parties. By utilizing Continuity Camera, iOS 17 allows users to wirelessly pair their iPhone or iPad with a Mac or Apple TV 4K and use it as a camera. This integration provides a convenient way to record your karaoke performances and share them with friends.

5. Redesigned UI: A Refreshing Visual Upgrade

The Apple Music app’s user interface receives several quality-of-life improvements and design tweaks in iOS 17. Supported albums now feature full-screen animated artwork, seamlessly blending into the media playback controls at the bottom. When minimizing the music player, a depth effect is applied, creating a hover effect over the rest of the interface as you navigate through the app. Apple has also enhanced the legibility of non-synced lyrics by adopting a larger, more readable font.


As iOS 17 approaches, Apple Music users can look forward to a range of exciting new features. Collaborative Playlists, Crossfade, SharePlay for CarPlay, Camera Support for Karaoke, and the redesigned user interface will all contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable music streaming experience. Whether you enjoy discovering new music with friends or recording your own karaoke performances, these features are designed to enhance your musical journey. Stay tuned for the upcoming update and make the most of these fantastic additions to Apple Music.


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