Google CEO Pichai’s Take on Apple’s Vision Pro Headset


The recent unveiling of Apple’s Vision Pro headset has garnered positive feedback, and now Google CEO Sundar Pichai has expressed his excitement about this new product category that showcases the future of mixed reality.

Pichai’s View on Vision Pro Technology

Although Pichai hasn’t personally tried the Apple Vision Pro headset yet, he shared his enthusiasm for the technology that powers similar headsets. He believes that immersive computing experiences will become an integral part of the industry, moving away from the traditional rectangular devices we associate with smartphones. In fact, Pichai stated, “Google has always believed that computing will evolve beyond the black rectangles,” as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple’s Positive Reception and Competitor Support

Receiving praise from a competitor like Google demonstrates the anticipation surrounding Apple’s venture into this domain. It seems everyone is eager to see what the iPhone maker has in store. However, it’s worth noting that not all companies have expressed positive sentiments. Mark Zuckerberg from Meta, for instance, has pointed out the differing perspectives between Apple and his company regarding this space.

Different Market Segments and Pricing

Zuckerberg’s viewpoint may hold weight, especially considering the disparity in pricing and target audience. Meta Quest headsets, for example, are priced under $600, appealing to a broader customer base. In contrast, Apple’s first-generation headset carries a hefty price tag of $3,500, catering to a niche segment.

Google’s Prior Experience and Future Plans

Google has had mixed results with its wearables, particularly with the Google Glass, which never progressed beyond the developer stage. It is likely that Google will closely observe Apple’s approach to its XR headset lineup and draw upon its success to develop a more widely accessible product in the years to come.

Availability of Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple intends to release the Vision Pro headset in select markets early next year, unless unforeseen circumstances hinder its plans. The company will have to offer compelling features to entice customers to invest in this device.


 Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has expressed his excitement about Apple’s Vision Pro headset, even without trying it firsthand. The positive response from a competitor underscores the industry’s anticipation for Apple’s foray into mixed reality. While some companies hold different views, Apple’s decision to target a niche market with a higher-priced product prompts discussion about broader accessibility in the future. Google will likely learn from Apple’s approach and strive to develop its own mass-friendly product. Apple’s Vision Pro will be released in limited markets, and its success will depend on its ability to persuade customers to embrace the device.


Q: What is the Vision Pro headset?

A: The Vision Pro headset is a new product introduced by Apple that falls under the category of mixed reality. It aims to provide immersive computing experiences beyond traditional smartphone technologies.

Q: What did Google CEO Sundar Pichai say about the Vision Pro headset?

A: While Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has not personally used the Apple Vision Pro headset, he expressed excitement about the potential of similar headsets powered by advanced technology. Pichai believes that immersive computing experiences will play a significant role in the future of the industry.

Q: How does Pichai view the future of computing?

A: Pichai envisions computing evolving beyond the conventional black rectangles, which are often associated with smartphones. He believes that immersive experiences, like those offered by the Vision Pro headset, will become an integral part of the industry.

Q: What does Pichai’s positive feedback mean for Apple?

A: Pichai’s positive remarks about the Vision Pro headset indicate that even competitors recognize Apple’s innovations in this space. It reflects the anticipation surrounding Apple’s entry into mixed reality and suggests that the company may have something exciting to offer.

Q: Do all companies share the same positive sentiment about Apple’s headset?

A: No, not all companies have expressed the same level of positivity. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, holds a different perspective, indicating that Apple and Meta have contrasting views on this technology.

Q: What is the pricing difference between Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta Quest headsets?

A: The Meta Quest headsets are priced below $600, while Apple’s Vision Pro headset carries a higher price tag of $3,500. This significant pricing difference positions Apple’s headset as catering to a niche market segment.

Q: How has Google fared with its wearables in the past?

A: Google’s track record with wearables has been mixed, with the Google Glass being the most notable example. The Google Glass remained in the developer stage and did not achieve mainstream success.

Q: Will Google learn from Apple’s approach with its XR headset lineup?

A: It is likely that Google will closely observe Apple’s strategy with its XR headset lineup. By studying Apple’s blueprint, Google may aim to develop a more mass-friendly product in the future.

Q: When will Apple release the Vision Pro headset?

A: Apple plans to release the Vision Pro headset in select markets, with availability expected from early next year, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Q: What factors will determine the success of Apple’s Vision Pro headset?

A: The success of the Vision Pro headset will depend on Apple’s ability to generate sufficient interest among consumers and persuade them to invest in the device’s advanced technology.

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