8 Exciting New Photo Features Coming to iPhone in iOS 17

1. Pet Recognition

In iOS 17, Apple has taken the image recognition capabilities of the Photos app to a new level. Not only can it recognize your family and friends, but now it can also identify your beloved pets. The updated “People” album has been renamed to “People and Pets” album, where you can add the names of your pets and organize photos accordingly.

2. One-Tap Crop

Cropping images in the Photos app has been made easier and quicker in iOS 17. Now, when you zoom into an image, a convenient “Crop” button appears in the upper right corner. Tapping it brings up the crop interface with the selected zoom level, allowing you to quickly crop the image to your desired preference with just a couple of taps.

3. Turn Photos into Animated Stickers

In iOS 17, Apple has supercharged the “remove subject from background” tool introduced in iOS 16. Now, you can create your own custom animated stickers for Messages using this feature. By long-pressing a subject in a photo, you can choose the “Add Sticker” option from the pop-up menu, which exports the selected subject to Messages’ sticker interface. You can further enhance the stickers with effects like a white outline, a “puffy” effect, or even animation for Live Photos subjects.

4. Get Recipes for Food

iOS 17 enhances the Visual Look Up feature in the Photos app, particularly when it comes to recognizing food. When an image of food is detected, a knife and fork icon appears, allowing you to directly access recipe websites. This feature saves you the trouble of searching for recipes on the web yourself.

5. Straighten Your Shooting Angle

The Camera app in iOS 17 includes an improved leveling feature. In addition to the existing Grid mode, which helps with top-down photos, a horizontal level has been added for straight-on shots. When lining up for a straight-on photo, the Level option displays a broken horizontal line on the screen. It turns yellow to indicate that your device is properly aligned.

6. Look Up What You Just Lifted

In iOS 17, the “remove subject from background” tool offers a new option in the pop-up menu that allows you to look up information about the subject. Additionally, you can now pause a video on any frame and easily find information on a subject within the Photos app.

7. Visual Look Up for Auto Symbols

While not officially promoted, iOS 17 includes a feature in the Photos app’s Visual Look Up that can detect car symbols on vehicle dashboards. When symbols are identified, iOS 17 displays their names, provides a brief description, and offers links to learn more about each symbol in Safari.

8. Tweaked Editing Tools Interface

In iOS 17, Apple has made some user-friendly improvements to the editing interface in the Photos app. The Cancel and Done buttons have been relocated to the top of the screen for easier access, and tool icons now have text descriptions for better clarity. Additionally, the indicator for the currently selected tool has been changed to a downward-pointing triangle above the icon.


In conclusion, iOS 17 brings a range of exciting advancements to iPhone photography. With features like pet recognition, one-tap crop, animated stickers, recipe suggestions, improved shooting angles, subject lookup, car symbol detection, and enhanced editing tools, users can elevate their photography experience to new heights. Whether it’s capturing precious moments with beloved pets, creating personalized animated stickers, finding recipe inspiration, or ensuring perfectly aligned shots, iOS 17 empowers users to unleash their creativity and capture stunning photos with ease. Upgrade to iOS 17 and explore the enhanced photo capabilities that will transform your iPhone into a powerful photography tool.


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