Apple’s iOS 16.6 Beta 3 Release: Incremental Updates and Anticipated Features

1. Introduction: Apple’s iOS 16.6 Beta 3 Release

In this article, we will discuss the recent release of iOS 16.6 beta 3 by Apple. As users eagerly await the public beta of iOS 17, Apple has provided developers and public beta testers with the latest version of their iOS operating system.

2. iOS 16.6 Beta 3: An Incremental Update

iOS 16.6 beta 3 follows the initial release of iOS 16.6 in May, with two previous beta versions focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements. This latest beta version is expected to continue this trend, as Apple’s primary focus currently lies on the upcoming iOS 17 public beta.

3. iOS 17 Public Beta: The Main Focus for Apple

Two weeks ago, Apple unveiled iOS 17 at the World Wide Developer Conference. The new update promises exciting features such as NameDrop, customizable contact cards, interactive widgets, Live Stickers, and more. While the iOS 17 developer beta was released shortly after the conference, many users are anxiously waiting for the public beta release, as developer betas are typically considered unstable for everyday use.

4. Exciting Features of iOS 17

iOS 17 introduces a variety of new features and enhancements that users can look forward to. Some notable features include the introduction of NameDrop, which simplifies sharing and collaboration, enhanced customization options for contact cards, interactive widgets for improved productivity, the addition of Live Stickers to enhance messaging experiences, and much more.

5. Expected Features in iOS 16.6

As Apple progresses towards the stable release of iOS 16.6, let’s take a look at some anticipated features that may arrive with this update:

5.1 iMessage Contact Key Verification

The first beta of iOS 16.6 included an option for iMessage Contact Key verification. Although the option disappeared in the second beta, it is expected to make a return in iOS 16.6. This safety feature allows users to verify if they are sending messages to the intended recipient, which is especially useful for those concerned about digital threats.

5.2 New iCloud for Windows Prompt

iOS 16.6 beta 2 introduced a new prompt for iCloud for Windows users. When attempting to sign in while their iPhone is connected to a different WiFi network than their Windows PC, users will receive a notification advising them to be on the same network before proceeding.

5.3 Two New Color Icons for Beats Studio Buds

In iOS 16.6 beta 2, Apple added two new color icons, namely ivory and transparent, for Beats Studio Buds. This addition offers users more options for personalization and customization.


Apple’s release of iOS 16.6 beta 3 brings incremental improvements to the operating system, while the company’s main focus remains on the upcoming iOS 17 public beta. With an array of exciting features on the horizon, iOS users have much to look forward to in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements from Apple’s iOS releases.

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